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Hair Removal - Waxing
Waxing removes hair from the root resulting in smooth and hairless skin for approximately three to six weeks, and when performed on a regular basis, hair grows back slower, finer and with less density


For Your Face face wax
  Lip / Chin £6.00
  Lip and Chin £12.00
  Eye Brows £10.00
  Cheeks £10.00
  Full Face £20.00
For Your Legs leg wax
  Half Leg £18.00
  Three Quarter Leg £20.00
  Full Leg £24.00
  Full Leg and Bikini Line £34.00
For Your Arms arm wax
  Under Arm £8.00
  Full Arm £18.00
  Fore Arm £15.00
For Everywhere else wax everywher
  Back and Shoulders £25.00
  Bikini Tidy £10.00
  Full Bikini £15.00
  Californian (High bikini) £18.00
  Brazilian (Leaves a strip at the front) £22.00
  Hollywood (Everything goes) £25.00

Please Consult our After Care and Contra Indication Pages